Legal Documentation is a very difficult and tiring job, especially in the case of large business corporations. With our specialization and experience, we can undertake projects that involve analysis, organizing, coding and summarizing scanned documents and making them court-ready. Our familiarity with the industry enables us to customize the documents to the needs of our clients whenever required. We use software based programs to make sure that our services are error-free to the highest possible extent. Court Drafting/Pleadings/Motion Drafting Our employees are experienced in preparing the following types of documents:

Drafting contracts

Drafting contracts is a specialist’s job. Besides knowing the relevant rules, it also requires a great deal of attention to little details. Our team consists of attorneys and law school graduates who are well-versed with the law and can help you with your drafting assignments.

Due Diligence

Our company has fully qualified attorneys and paralegals with experience in corporate/commercial due diligence and verification projects. Our offshore team can work alongside your firm’s own attorneys or independently with regards to preparation of full due diligence/issues only reports.